"On CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, there was just one photographic backing, the rest were painted creations. For this, we took a great leap of faith, hiring a local Tokyo-based photographer to shoot a city no one in our department had been to. Additionally, the limitations were specific: We needed a dusk shot of one of the most populous night spots in Tokyo, but we didn't want to see traffic, distracting foreground elements, or any dominant neon signs. All this under a tight deadline. Yasu improvised, got above the traffic and delivered exactly what we were looking for on time and on budget. What a pro!"

Francois Audouy
Art Director
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Warner Bros.

Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

"Besides taking great photographs, Yasu guided us every step of the way.
My clients came back saying what a pleasure it was to work with Yasu."

Gary Alfredson
Vice President and Creative Director
DDB Chicago

"While working under an incredibly tight deadline with photography all over the globe, I found myself in need of Tokyo photography of several executives. Yasu proved invaluable beyond words. He possessed utmost professionalism at getting a cooperative contact within the Firm, bridging a time and cultural barrier, did scouting, checked all the details of ceiling heights and security issues. When necessary, he matched several photos to lighting and positioning of photography being done simultaneously on the other side of the globe. His knowledge of digital photography is outstanding and the final product delivered was of utmost quality. In short, he's a true professional and a real pleasure to work with."

Kathy Sobb
Art Director
Ross Culbert & Lavery, Inc.
New York, NY

Regarding the Lehman Brothers Annual Report

"Yasu is one of the best photographers wešve ever worked with. He came through with some beautiful shots of the subject of our July 2007 cover story, including a striking photo we used for a two-page spread that he shot in Tokyošs Shinjuku Station, perhaps the busiest train station in the world. In getting the shot, he used creativity and ingenuity, overcoming difficult working conditions. Not only did he get these nice photos, and within the deadline, but he went the extra mile. He helped the writer of the story collect some vital information and to make contact with local collaborators. Hešs a real find."

Dan Balaban
Chief Editor
Card Technology magazine

"A shoot in Tokyo. How in the world can I make this happen? Google. Tokyo. Fotographer. Yasu. He made it happen. Not only did Yasu deliver beautiful fotographs, he was my culture/language translator and production man at the scene as well. Thanks Yasu, for a job incredibly well done."

Evelyn Fox for trollbeads
Breukelen - The Netherlandse

"Yasu is more than a brilliant photographer. He understands how every aspect of a photograph must unite with text to convey compelling business messages.

Our brochure is for senior leaders of large corporations. They decide whether to trash a brochure within a second of seeing it. Yasu's photographs are intrinsic to our messages. The response is outstanding.

Other top photographers offered us cliche and decoration. Yasu gets it. I give him my strongest endorsement"

Dr. Mark Lee Ford
President, The Moneo Company

"It has been a really great and an amazing surprise to work with Yasu.
We "met" him by chance on the web.
He's extremely brilliant and creative.
He gave to our shots a really nice perspective and light.
We are not an easy client. We are very demanding and we had a very tight timing.
Yasu stuck to the timing, making an excellent job.
We'd really love to work with him again."

Raffaella Di Vita
Art Buyer

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