Your image is important.
When you worked so hard to build your reputation, why not go all the way with your publicity photos?
"Don't judge a book by its cover" they say, but people often make assumptions about a person they don't know from available information such as a simple photograph. Wouldn't you prefer to look confident, capable, honest, helpful, intelligent, friendly, warm, and trusty to your potential business partners?

From top business executives to someone just starting out, Yasu takes great care in bringing out the most sincere and positive side of a person to a portrait.

Get exactly what you are looking for, and more.
Yasu believes in total customer satisfaction. Therefore he will pay great attention to your needs. With his fluent English abilities, you can communicate your ideas and layouts to the smallest detail and expect results. So far, every client from overseas has been happy with the results.

People, products and more
Take a close look at the samples on this web site, and you will notice that Yasu does photographs of products, food, travel, and others equally as well as his people pictures.
Do you need any specific pictures of Tokyo shot that you canft find at stock photo agencies?
Inquiries are welcome.