Television Commercials 1

"Between 1997 and 2002, I took a break away from photography to briefly study film production at the NYU Film School and subsequently work with a computer software company to write and produce television commercials and sales promotion videos for them. It was here where I had a chance to take my hands off the camera and fulfill my desire to use my head as a creative director. The following are some of the commercials I have written and produced."

"The idea for this spot came to me from my experiences with camera stores in New York, famous for their low prices and attitude. "Next! Next! What do you want? Are you gonna buy or not?" Since it's impossible to describe the product fully in 30 seconds, I came up with the idea where the customers would just say what they wanted to do, and the clerk's response would be to prescribe the product. This enabled the product name to be shouted six times throughout the commercial to leave an impression on the viewer's mind. The hooker looking for software to print her business card was a preconceived character from the storyboard, but Cruella and Elvis were totally unexpected finds at the casting session which got the crew excited. It is unfortunate that most Japanese probably never understood the joke about Elvis at the end."

"Met's Corporation makes high performance software at very low prices. What does this mean? Customer satisfaction! So I raised the question "are you satisfied?" which became the basis for this 30second spot. An elderly couple has all their cash (and hair piece) sucked up at the computer store in order to buy a software application, which turns out to be very slow due to its huge size. Only do they find real satisfaction when they switch to Met's software. This commercial was done in a manner of style as homage to the great king of commercials, Joe Sedelmaier who made us all laugh with the Wendy's classic "where's the beef?"