Student Film

In 1997 I attended the NYU Film School where I took an introductory film course in film production called Sight & Sound. The course turned out to be the most rigorous I have ever taken in my entire studies where I had to present a short film to the class every week. One day I was in a Barnes & Noble when a beautiful piece of music caught my attention. It was an artist I had never heard before called Marc Antoine. I bought the CD which inspired me with many visual ideas. A few days later when I boarded a taxi at Union Square, I met a cab driver by the name of David Bradford who turns out to be a very talented photographer. He shoots black & white cityscapes of New York from his cab with a point & shoot camera. These two events led me to make a short documentary film for my final class project. The film was shot on an old Arriflex 16S camera (which unfortunately had a light leak), and was edited by hand with splicing film on a Steenbeck flatbed editing table. In today's world of non linear editing, I cringe when I see how rough the editing was, but the beauty of Marc Antoine's music and David Bradford's lifestyle still evokes an emotional aspect in me and hopefully in you. "


David Bradford's book
"Drive-By Shootings"